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            Refined fused flux is highly useful for elimination of alkaline elements such as sodium , calcium ,Lithium, Vanadium Boron Titanium hydrogen gas , halides ,oxides & inclusions.

   As we know Sodium, Lithium, calcium, Vanadium, Boron, Titanium etc cause cracks & pinholes in the metal on rolling.

   These are brought in to the metal either from primary metal from smelter during electrolysis/production of metal in smelter & hydrogen gas is absorbed while heating with fuel & from the atmosphere.

   These are harmful elements specially for rolled products or for transmission conductors which need to be eliminated.

   Nitrogen or Argon cannot neutralize these harmful elements but acts only for displacement / pushing harmful elements.

   The elimination of these is possible either using chlorine gas or chlorine based products or Refined Fused flux ( KMgCl3 ) to the extent in ppm.

   Na 0.0002        

   Ca 0.0000        

   Li 0.0002        

   V 0.0001        

   B 0.0001        

   Ti 0.0001        

             Refined fused flux is a very good product for elimination of unwanted alkaline elements in molten aluminium which is environmentally friendly.

   Many aluminium plants for rolled products /transmission across the world utilizes the benefits of using Refined fused flux.

   We would share the specification and material safety Data sheet of Refined fused flux.

   EXCELLENT FOUNDRY FLUXES COMPANY is only the manufacturer of Refined Fused Flux and registered under Trade Mark Practice.     

   Trade Name Refined fused Flux is Registered under TradeMark Prtactice a Proprietary product of EXCELLENT FOUNDRY FLUXES COMPANY















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