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  Metal Treatment include products like COVER - AL &   DEGASSER.


   It is used for forming a protective layer and for removing oxides/non metallic inclusions from the molten metal. During melting aluminium gets easily oxidised and forms aluminium oxide. This layer of aluminium oxide is broken due to metal charging of ingots/scraps or for any other reason. The density of aluminium oxide is nearer to that of aluminium metal. Due to this density effect, it is difficult to separate oxide or better known as dross, from the metal. This causes loss of metal due to dross formation and metal going along with the dross during dross removal and hence causes deterioration in quality of metal.

    For this reason, melting is done under the cover of a flux which prevents dross formation and hence metal loss. Since COVER - AL is mild exothermic in nature to use, it also helps metal in separation from oxide/dross as well as in removing non-metallic inclusions from the molten metal.

Quantity to be used is 1% of the metal.

Temperature of use to be in between 550-650C.

Color: PINK in color

Packing: 25kg packed in polypropylene polyethylene lined bags and to make it 1.0 MT pellet.                         

Shelf life: one and a half year approx.


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