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   DEGASSER(in tablet form):                  

    Aluminium in molten stage absorbs gases especially hydrogen. This effect is more prominent at a higher temperature. Hydrogen dissolved in metal, forms blow holes/pin holes and creates porosity/micro-porosity. Chlorine is the only element in which Hydrogen diffuses the most. Degassing tablets are forced dipped into the bottom of the molten metal bath by the help of metal plungers/baskets. During treatment with molten metal, degassing tablets generate Chorine, which is in nascent form and is highly reactive and takes away completely dissolved Hydrogen and other gases. Thus the metal is totally free from dissolved gases. The use of degassing tablets is completely safe and environment friendly and most effective method to get metal free from gases and hence pin holes and micro-porosity.

    The metal treated with degassing tablets can be tested by any method for left over content of dissolved gases which would now be less than 0.2ml/100gm of metal. Degassing tablets are being used by many aluminium plants across the world.

Quantity 1.0 Kg/mT of the metal.

Temperature of use to be in between 650-680C.

Packing : Two 500gm tablets to form 1Kg of packing in polypropylene lining in seaworthy packing.

Shelf- Life : One and half year approx.     

   DEGASSER(in flux form):                  

   Flux injection system for degassing.

  Degassing can also be achieved by introducing mixture of Chloride Based Fluxes into bath of molten aluminium.The flux is sprinkled all over the bath of molten aluminium in the furnace creating multi nuclei.The escaping gases due to reaction of flux with molten metal takes away dissolved gases/hydrogen of the molten bath.    

Packing : in Polyproylene lining in 50/250 Kg Drums.


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