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           The use of Ti B Al alloy as grain refiner  provides the following advantage

  • The mechanical properties are improved
  • Improvement in surface quality
  • Reduction of cracking tendency while soldifying due to eradicationof microporosity along with the boundary of the grains of aluminium
  • Fludity of the metal is increased
  • The alloy is homogeneous and uniform in structure  

   Titanium - 5% Boron - 1% Aluminium as GRAIN REFINER in Alloy form

Al Ti B alloy when treated with molten metal consist of Ti Al 3 and TiB2 uniformly distributed in aluminium matrix.

The combination of Ti B 2 (size between 0.3 and 1.5 microns) with Ti from Ti Al3 in the aluminium melt is the basis of grain refinment.

In high resolution microscope, it is observed that these particles of 0.1-0.2 microns are formed by smaller crystals. The Ti B2 particles are insoluble and are quickly and uniformly distributed in the melt after addition.

The size of Ti Al2 phase is 20 microns but are dissolved very fast.

The content of Ti from 4.5-5.5%

                      B is from 0.8-1.2%  

                      Rest Aluminium            

   Available in rod form of dia 9.5mm and weight per coil is 180-200 kg, as well as available in waffle form.      


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